Cindy Sams

Owner, Full-Body Fitness LLC

Free Health & Fitness Speaker in Indianapolis

  • Cool Techniques To Reduce Stress: It’s Crucial To Remain Cool!

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    Life is hectic. It seems like we live in the 'flight or fight' zone all the time. This zone however, wreaks havoc inside your body and will cause damage over an extended time. It has been known to lead to weight gains and other health issues. Learning how to get out of this zone is crucial to living healthfully. MORE >

    You will learn how to cope with daily stress better. Ultimately, learning these techniques and becoming familiar with them will help EVERYONE around you. Because here's the thing, when you're freaking out, realize that those around you notice... and might be freaking out as well! So let's cool those jets and reduce that stress!

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  • The WHEN, The WHY, and The WHAT – It’s ALL about these things when it comes to FOOD.

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    This is where the problems begin don't they? I remember the exact time when I said ENOUGH! I was bursting out of one size clothing and pushing into the next. Tears still show up in my eyes when I think about it. But then, from deep down inside of me I found my strength, my determination and came out of this crazy cycle of food, food, food - and how to use it to my body's benefit instead of it killing my self-esteem, health and spirit... all without feeling like I was torturing myself. MORE >

    I now get to help people with this as well. It is the most rewarding thing to see people dropping sizes, getting off medicines they don't need anymore, feeling INCREDIBLE, and loving every minute of it!

    I share with you the When (to eat), the Why (what food does inside on a deeper level), and the What (food that you will love and it's all so much easier than you think!)

    This is the first place we begin when it comes to our health. It's sometimes tricky, sometimes hard, it's definitely a process - but I make it super easy to understand, fun to learn about and you'll leave with some awesome tools to use DAILY that will keep you on track. 10 out of 10 times - people simply FEEL more energy and uplifted when they learn these tools.

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