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  • Being a Leader Living with Intention

    Paul Lushin, President, Lushin and Associates

    We’re often told to keep business and personal life separate, but the lines seem to cross and blur more and more in today’s world. What if we followed the same principles and goals in both areas of our life so that we are truly moving towards and fulfilling our vision and mission in life? In this interactive session, Paul Lushin provides guidance on how to align our goals, intentions, and actions so that we are leading with the same purpose in all areas of our life. MORE >

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  • This Life Isn’t Working Any Longer – I Need to Reinvent Myself

    Susan St. Angelo, My Trusted Partner

    Have you thought at times that your life isn’t working the way you thought it was supposed to or what people told you to do? Or, that you want to do something else with your career? Personal life? Welcome to Reinvention 101! When I decided to walk away from a successful career to start my own business, people thought I was crazy to leave. I thought I was crazy to stay since I was turning 50 and knew there was more to life than the life I was living. MORE >

    I started preparing myself for the change by working with a life coach and began to reinvent myself. It’s a slow process whether it’s a job or relationship. It doesn’t come without hard work, thick skin and a lot of patience. The rewards are great. I’ll share with you the reasons why we reinvent ourselves, examples of people who have reinvented themselves several times and simple steps you can take if you want a new life.
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