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  • Biblically based coaching principles for personal and professional growth

    Jay Mills, Author, Writer, Coach, Pastor, Coach Jay Mills Ministries

    The stakes in the game of life are of the greatest importance, so who better than a coach to deliver such a crucial message. A coach takes those in their listening audience from where they are to where they want to be. My focus has been not just to deliver an accurate and timely word, but to deliver the message in a meaningful and memorable way. MORE >

    The fact of the matter is that we were all designed to coach – and we don’t even have to be a sports fan! My in person presentation elaborate on this topic; and I am able to craft the message specifically for the emphasis desired by each audience.

    In my new book, "Game On! A Coach’s Game Plan For Discipleship" (Foreword by Lou Holtz), I merge experience from my thirty-year coaching career with biblical support to provide a strategy that will benefit everyone in their personal and professional lives.

    Here’s the premise of my book: If it is true, as Billy Graham once said, “A coach will impact more people in one year than the average person will in an entire lifetime,” then why doesn’t everyone aspire to be a coach?

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  • A Competitive Mindset of Abundance

    Matt Freel, Founder/CEO, Phronetic Growth Solutions

    Jack Harbaugh would tell his children every day when he dropped them off at school, "Attack this day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind." Jack arguably raised 2 of the top football coaches we've seen at the professional and collegiate levels. Competition is typically driven by the ego and desire to conquer one's opponent. Yet there is a much deeper form of competitiveness that we can tap into within ourselves that ultimately drives the best of the best. MORE >

    This competition is focused on beating the inner-self that repeats all of the negative things we have ever heard or implied from others. Imagine attacking each day with an enthusiasm for gratitude that is incomprehensible to mankind. A strong mind determined to be grateful for everything that exists in and around out lives, will drive us further and faster than anything else we could ever imagine.
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  • Be like Bill

    Jeff Utzinger, Sudden Cardiac Arrest and AED Advocate, Be like Bill, LLC

    We have become a society apprehensive of helping others in need - whether due to litigation or fear, we simply hope someone else will jump in and act. My message is simple - Be like Bill...don't hesitate when presented with the difficult task of doing something might just be the hero someone needs. MORE >

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  • How to Succeed at Anything

    Jeff Bennington, Author and Vlogger, HVAC Animated

    Successful people focus all their energy into a single purpose. They ask questions. They're humble. They are constantly learning and developing their skills and knowledge. Champions take responsibility for their results, and they're persistent in spite of their failures. Combine that level of tenacity with a healthy mindset and a passionate "why", anything is possible, in any field, and is repeatable, over and over. In this talk, Jeff Bennington explains the hard lessons an average person must learn to become above average, to overcome defeat, and move from a mediocrity mindset to prosperity mindset. MORE >

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  • Motivation: 2 Truths and 1 Lie About Why We Do What We Do

    Andy Dix, President / Executive Business Coach, AD Growth Advisers Inc.

    Ever wondered why do people do what they do? How can a leader get people to want to do what needs done? How do you motivate someone? Prof. Steven Reiss, PhD, led 30 years of groundbreaking research into human motivation and created the Science of Motivation® based on his “16 Basic Desires Theory.” In this provocative talk, Andy Dix shares key insights into understanding why people do what they do and explains how to inspire the best in others and ourselves. His energetic and entertaining approach promises a lively and highly engaging session for your organization. MORE >

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  • Why Paperboys and HVAC Installers Can Do Anything

    Jeff Bennington, Author and Vlogger, HVAC Animated

    Have you heard that if you had to choose between an A student and a Paperboy, go with the Paperboy? It's a pretty good idea actually. Having a high IQ is great, but having an average IQ with experiences that create a high EQ (emotional intelligence) is even better. That's why I believe paperboys and hvac installers can do anything. Even if they don't know it. The level of hard work, determination, and grit required to do either of these 2 jobs, peppered with a prosperity mindset and a "reason" loaded with passion is the secret sauce to success. MORE >

    In this talk Jeff Bennington explains how these 2 jobs, and jobs with similar lessons can develop a "rinse, wash, repeat" success cycle that lasts a lifetime.
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  • Encouraging and Influential Leadership

    Jamie Houston, Associate Professor, Ivy Tech Community College

    A one-hour presentation will motivate and encourage leaders in both their personal and professional environments. The major take away, is that all of us are leaders to others in our lives, and all of us are influencing people in many ways. I take the time to really motivate and encourage the audience to understand they are leaders, and to lead as servants through character, integrity, honor, and by encouraging those around them. MORE >

    The influence that we have on others, and they have on us is addressed, in order to demonstrate a key role of all leaders. This very energetic presentation will inspire and motivate people to action, and is designed for leaders in any environment. The participants will take away some simple skills to help them be more effective leaders in both their work and personal environments.
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  • Being a Leader Living with Intention

    Paul Lushin, President, Lushin and Associates

    We’re often told to keep business and personal life separate, but the lines seem to cross and blur more and more in today’s world. What if we followed the same principles and goals in both areas of our life so that we are truly moving towards and fulfilling our vision and mission in life? In this interactive session, Paul Lushin provides guidance on how to align our goals, intentions, and actions so that we are leading with the same purpose in all areas of our life. MORE >

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  • Never Quit Climbing: Overcoming Life’s Seemingly Insurmountable Mountains

    Gary Sinclair, Director, Never Quit Climbing

    We all have mountains to climb, some big, some little. But often when confronted with ours, they seem like Mt. Everest or Denali. They loom large and take our breath and motivation away making it difficult to even start to overcome them. But Gary and his wife, avid hikers, were forced to face a mountain with Jackie, her stage 3 cancer. And when this new peak in their lives threatened to paralyze them by its size and magnitude they began with God's help to climb it the way they climbed actual mountains of granite... one switchback at a time. MORE >

    Together they learned practical strategies for both preparing for any personal mountain, getting started, looking for potential problems and getting up the trail a little bit at a time. Gary uses both humor and poignant illustrations to keep audiences on the edge of their seat while able to take something with them to tackle their own challenges.
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