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  • Harmony in Health: A Holistic Perspective

    Daryl Roberts, Founder & CEO, Balanced Alignment

    This presentation illuminates and inspires individuals to get excited about health. It briefly identifies our current healthcare reality and offers practical solutions to elevating our health and quality of life. Participants will be be introduced to Ayurveda, a holistic Indian system of medicine that is revolutionizing healthcare as we know it.

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  • Stress Management, we all have it, how do we combat it?

    Dr. Urvi Vyas, D.C., Pure Family Chiropractic

    We all suffer from stress, but what is important is how well your body can adapt to that stress. The three types of stress are emotional, physical and environmental and this talk gives 10 simple steps to manage these stresses. In addition, the attendees of this talk will leave with tools that they can use immediately, at work or at home, to help their bodies better manage each type of stress. MORE >

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  • Food, Glorious Food! Learn how to make it work for you without all that complicated stuff!

    Cindy Sams, Owner, Full-Body Fitness LLC

    My Daily Eating Guide is one of the many tools I start my clients out with. It is simple, it will create you having more energy, losing some bloat, and yes, even weight.

    The Guide is not complicated. It's simple and it will help you understand how your body actually works inside. MORE >

    This will help ANYONE who struggles with wondering what to eat, how much, why, and all that jazz... and as I like to say - "Keep It Simple Sweetie"

    Participants will receive my Guide, along with many awesome recipes that are tried and true!

    I will also touch on movement and cardiovascular fitness. (and no, it's not running!) There is a way to burn fat AND gain endurance so we don't huff and putt up the stairs.

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  • Cool Techniques To Reduce Stress: It’s Crucial To Remain Cool!

    Cindy Sams, Owner, Full-Body Fitness LLC

    Life is hectic. It seems like we live in the 'flight or fight' zone all the time. This zone however, wreaks havoc inside your body and will cause damage over an extended time. It has been known to lead to weight gains and other health issues. Learning how to get out of this zone is crucial to living healthfully. MORE >

    You will learn how to cope with daily stress better. Ultimately, learning these techniques and becoming familiar with them will help EVERYONE around you. Because here's the thing, when you're freaking out, realize that those around you notice... and might be freaking out as well! So let's cool those jets and reduce that stress!

    Breathing, movement, thoughts and yes, what you are eating during your day are all connected to the flight or fight zone you may be living in. Time to get out and find some PEACE and WELLBEING.

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  • Answers to our Health Care Crisis

    Robert Prather, D.C., D.A.B.C.I., L.Ac., B.C.A.O, President, The Prather Practice

    The proper path to effective and affordable health care reform remains a contentious debate in our country. Learn about the proven health care model that achieves a 40% cost savings over 5 years (and rises to a 60% cost savings over 10 years) while improving patient satisfaction and health outcomes. Those improved outcomes include 60% fewer hospital admissions, 59% fewer hospital stays, 85% savings in pharmaceutical costs, and adverse reactions reduced by 80%. MORE >

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  • How to Improve Your Health With Forgiveness

    Dr. Annette Cargioli, The Cargioli Center

    Have you ever considered that your chronic back or neck pain is really caused by an unresolved conflict in your past? Dr. Cargioli has helped thousands of people eliminate physical pain and improve their health potential using the science of forgiveness. Science has proven that forgiveness has the power to resolve conflicts. Science has also proven that unresolved emotional conflicts are likely to cause emotional and health problems in adults. MORE >

    Dr. Cargioli will explain the research science has discovered and link it to your current health and relationship problems. Everyone has the ability to forgive. You will learn how to identify when forgiveness is the cure you have been looking for. You will also learn the most effective forgiveness strategies that can release chronic pain caused by unresolved life conflicts. You will learn how much greater your potential is when you develop your ability to forgive. Forgiveness doesn't just improve your life and health. Forgiveness makes the world a better place for everyone.
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  • The Value of Nutritional Enzymes

    Dr. Mary Jo Johnson, DC, Chiropractic & Wellness Center

    When plant enzymes were first discovered by scientist they were declared an enemy of plants, and science spent a hundred and fifty years destroying enzymes in the food supply. It turns out plant enzymes are not enemies of plants or foods but rather an indispensable component of the nutritional puzzle. MORE >

    Without enzymes, even the best diet will fail to provide nutrition to the human body. Learn what nutritional enzymes are, where they ‘re found, what function they perform, and how to insure your diet has an adequate supply of enzymes.
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  • How to Stay Young the First 100 Years

    Marie Storm RN, BSN, Certified Health Coach, Storm Chiropractic Clinic

    This talk is all about mobility & preventative care as we are living longer as a population. Emphasis on how important it is to take care of our body so we can live a quality life and continue to do the things we enjoy in life.

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  • Top Mistakes People Make with Fat Loss, Exercise and Habit Change

    Kirsten Shaw, GM, IFAST Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training

    Most people know what they "should" do to get healthier: exercise, eat better, eat less. And yet most people have a hard time getting started, or sticking with their habits after the first few weeks. Why is that? In this talk, Jae Chung, a trainer at one of America's Top Ten Gyms, will show you why most people struggle with New Year's Resolutions and weight loss, and five simple things you can do to make lasting changes stick. MORE >

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  • Starving on a Great Diet

    Dr. Mary Jo Johnson, DC, Chiropractic & Wellness Center

    Food is supposed to be the best medicine, but many people who eat well according to conventional wisdom still experience indigestion, bloating, joint and muscle pain and host of other discomforts – and many of these discomforts are the direct result of the food we eat.  In recent decades there have been tremendous changes in the ways food is processed, and some of these innovations have lessened the accessible nutrition in food, particularly fruits and vegetables. MORE >

    Learn what these changes are, how they give new meaning to the phrase ‘empty calories’ and how to compensate for them in order to avoid ‘food side-effects’ and gain the greatest nutritional benefit from your food dollars.
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