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  • Beyond Boosting: Facebook Advertising for Business

    Alex Byers, Digital Marketing Director, Element212

    Having a presence on Facebook is no longer enough to effectively reach your target audience. Facebook has created a user-friendly platform for ad creation to help businesses move beyond simply ‘boosting’ a page or post. MORE >

    The digital experts at Element212 will walk you through the creation of an ACTUAL LIVE ad campaign. From ad type to creative and even demographic targeting, you’ll see just how easy it can be to start reaching your audience.

    We will also share basic strategy options to help guide you in the direction that best serves your unique business needs.

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  • Digital Marketing 101: Your Business, Your Strategy

    Alex Byers, Digital Marketing Director, Element212

    Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Periscope, Snapchat, Blogging, Email… You could go on and on with all the digital marketing mediums out there, but which one is right for your business? We all know how valuable our time can be and all too often marketing and advertising gets overlooked. During this interactive presentation you’ll be given an introduction to a variety of commonly used marketing mediums and shown where to focus your marketing efforts. MORE >

    Taking it one step further, you’ll be able to interact with other companies and, collectively, help each other build an easy, an effective, and an efficient strategy to maximize your time and efforts.
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  • 7 Ingredients to Grow Your Business

    Michael Kaplan, Owner, Strategic Solutions Coaching, Strategic Solutions Coaching

    Is your business not getting the results you want? Are you struggling to truly differentiate yourself and win the projects and business you deserve? In this talk, business leaders will: MORE >

    - Learn how to view your business from 30,000 feet to get a good view of what is working and what is not working
    - Learn about the 7 ingredients every business needs to grow without more creating more overwhelm
    - Learn how to identify problem areas, find their root cause, and solve them
    - Learn what you need to start doing, keep doing and stop doing to move your business forward
    - Learn how to prioritize your goals to make the biggest impact on your business growth

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  • Too Much Work, Too Little Time: Time Management Essentials

    Michael Kaplan, Owner, Strategic Solutions Coaching, Strategic Solutions Coaching

    Do you have problems getting it all done? Do you have enough time to do the things you really want to do? Are you constantly pressed for time? Perfect for small business owners with five or more employees, this seminar will cover: MORE >

    - How to create a better work/life balance
    - Myths about time management
    - Analyze how you spend your time
    - Learn skills for organizing and planning your time
    - Learn ways to save time this week!
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  • Why is Mentoring Important?

    Susan St. Angelo, My Trusted Partner

    All of us are mentors. Some of us are professional mentors and others are personal. We may not realize that we are serving in that role until much later. It isn’t always apparent.
    Over the years, I have been a mentor through an organized program at my former employer. Little did I realize that when I left my job I was STILL a mentor. MORE >

    When my father died in 2014, I heard from several of his former salespeople that my dad had mentored them throughout their real estate career. This was something I never knew about my dad but recognized that we were very similar. Both of us had a love of helping others through good listening skills, connecting to others, and being patient and persistent in the mentor/mentee relationship.

    We can help others grow as professionals, volunteers, parents and community partners by being mentors. The role of a mentor is to provide knowledge, advice, resources, guidance, motivation, emotional support and role modeling. A mentor is a friend, a guide, a listener, and a confidant. A mentor is NOT a parent or guardian, social worker, ATM or babysitter.

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  • Digital Marketing Expert

    Catherine E. Rubey, Owner and Creative Director, InGe, Inc.

    I help businesses succeed online using the most effective and timely tactics to implement the best digital strategy for a business. I have clients in all areas of business: legal, contracting, interior design, retail, not-for-profit, event management and even a landscaping business. I have presentations for personal branding, social networking, digital advertising and marketing.

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  • Chaos or Organized: Setting up accounting system

    Linda Diakite Karressy, Owner, Profit & Growth Expert, Insight Financial Group, LLC

    I’ve registered my business with the state, check. I have my payroll setup, check. But how do I keep up with my financial records. How do I organize my bank statements into a financial statement? Setting up an accounting system is critical for a business to sustain. If you want to manage cash, know how much you spend you need to create tasks to track the financial piece. Come learn easy steps to implement. MORE >


    What is accounting system
    Key Tasks

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  • Business Trends 2016

    Mark A. Roger, Business Broker, FranNet MidAmerica | Indiana

    A practical guide to business trends important to successful entrepreneurship in 2016. Mark will identify these trends and teach how to use them to your advantage as a business owner. Highlights include: MORE >

    - identifying the state of entrepreneurship marketplace,
    - evaluating the new business fundamentals and “profit models,”
    - understanding the new strategies of business ownership,
    - exploring the teachings of Shark Tank and The Profit, and
    - discussing opportunities available for entrepreneurs in Indiana.
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  • Small Business Pension Tax Shelter

    Greg Wright, Certified Fraud Examiner, Assoc. of Certified Fraud Examineers

    Use a one-person defined-benefit pension plan combined with a solo 401(k) to tax shelter hundreds of thousands of dollars. Use your pension plan to purchase stock in your new company. MORE >

    One of my clients recently purchased a franchise using a loan from her pension plan. Even if you have employees, if you are older and make a lot more than them, you can shelter hundreds of thousands of dollars in the right kind of pension plan designed for you. As a Certified Financial Planner since 1982, I installed my first pension plan decades ago. Participants receive a free pension analysis of their company -- see if your company demographics makes you a good candidate for a Pension Tax Shelter.

    For the right audience, I bring my actuary along.

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  • How to Make This Year Your Best Yet: Creating an Annual Business Development Plan

    Michael Kaplan, Owner, Strategic Solutions Coaching, Strategic Solutions Coaching

    The “business plan” is a common tool used by many companies. Too often, preparing a business plan is done because “that’s what businesses do” and it becomes a rote exercise that inevitably yields little or no productive results. You’re about to discover a completely new version of the business plan – a business plan that actually serves you. MORE >

    It serves you because it starts with your passion and translates into specific actions. It begins with the entrepreneur and ends with your inner manager. It also recognizes change as your constant companion. This business plan begins with a different set of operating assumptions than does the “traditional” business plan. Your attitude and how you translate your goals into projects and tasks are the key factors that make it a success.

    Perfect for small business owners, this seminar will cover:
    - Understanding the importance of an Annual Plan
    - Assess how your business is currently functioning
    - Decide what to focus on for best results
    - Create quarterly goals and monthly actions
    - Learn how to budget for growth

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