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  • Avoid Business Failure By Enabling 3 Essentials In Your Marketing Strategy

    Troy Sandidge, Fractional CMO, Podcaster, Author, Strategy Hackers

    Synopsis: 65% of businesses fail because of three things - complexity, confusion, and chaos. To avoid failure, modern day success requires businesses to relinquish expired “best practices” and embrace modern marketing and sales frameworks while leveraging fundamentals to succeed. MORE >

    • The 3 Cs Causing Marketing Strategies to Fail & How to Avoid Them
    • Improve MarketingOps Using the D.A.R.T. Marketing Methodology™
    • 5-Point Customer Success Journey Blueprint for Better Conversions
    • Apply the E.A.S.T. Framework to Operate Marketing Campaigns Efficiently
    • How to Increase Sales Velocity Using the L.E.A.D.S. Generator Blueprint™

    Intentional Themes That Will Be Amplified:
    • Business Growth Strategies
    • Customer Success Journeys
    • MarCom + MarTech Integration
    • Marketing Optimization
    • Sales Velocity Tactics

    Actionable Takeaways:
    • Activate Blueprints to Increase Customer Success & Sales Velocity
    • Apply Strategies to Obtain & Maintain Clarity to Stay in Alignment with Goals
    • Clarity. Refocus. Realignment. Revitalization of Passion & Action

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  • Digital Marketing 101: Your Business, Your Strategy

    Alex Byers, Digital Marketing Director, Element212

    Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Periscope, Snapchat, Blogging, Email… You could go on and on with all the digital marketing mediums out there, but which one is right for your business? We all know how valuable our time can be and all too often marketing and advertising gets overlooked. During this interactive presentation you’ll be given an introduction to a variety of commonly used marketing mediums and shown where to focus your marketing efforts. MORE >

    Taking it one step further, you’ll be able to interact with other companies and, collectively, help each other build an easy, an effective, and an efficient strategy to maximize your time and efforts.
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  • Optimize Your Customer Journey! Rebuild Your Marketing & Sales Infrastructure For Revenue

    Troy Sandidge, Fractional CMO, Podcaster, Author, Strategy Hackers

    Are sales nonexistent? Marketing not working? Have you evaluated your customer journey through the eyes of your customer? Are you optimized to give the right value at every stage? Are your marketing and selling initiatives aligned with revenue-generating activities? Is your business stuck on awareness mode desperately needing to switch to sales, acquisition, and conversions mode? Let's break down how to stop marketing for fans and start marketing and selling to drive revenue! MORE >

    • Learn a 5-point customer journey blueprint that you can modify to fit your current situation.
    • Discover how to expand your marketing and sales tactics and effectiveness using your actual customers as advocates.
    • Debunk myths and old "best practices" many businesses still use that's costing sales and repeatable buyers.

    Best For:
    • New Entrepreneurs & Startups Looking To Improve Marketing & Sales ROI
    • Businesses With Small Or No Marketing Team Or An Army-Of-One Marketing Leader
    • New Marketing & Sales Managers for Small Businesses

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  • Beyond Boosting: Facebook Advertising for Business

    Alex Byers, Digital Marketing Director, Element212

    Having a presence on Facebook is no longer enough to effectively reach your target audience. Facebook has created a user-friendly platform for ad creation to help businesses move beyond simply ‘boosting’ a page or post. MORE >

    The digital experts at Element212 will walk you through the creation of an ACTUAL LIVE ad campaign. From ad type to creative and even demographic targeting, you’ll see just how easy it can be to start reaching your audience.

    We will also share basic strategy options to help guide you in the direction that best serves your unique business needs.

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  • How Minorities get into Leadership without Experience

    Nakela Irby, Corporate Sales Leader

    Nakela will provide the audience with her background so there is a basic understanding of her humble beginnings and career journey, including specific examples of what helped her get into and create a successful career in leadership. Nakela lists out key action items for anyone who is looking to make an adjustment to get into leadership, followed by reasons why they should take action. By the end of this uplifting presentation, anyone that feels disadvantaged should feel inspired to take action on their goals.
    MORE >

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  • Creating Your Small Business’ Sales Plan

    Natalie Menke, Business Coach and Sales Expert, Inspire Results Business Coaching

    Natalie Menke, Inspire Results Business Coaching sales expert, will walk through how to identify your sales team’s development needs. She’ll talk about how to create accountability and ensure that your salespeople are engaged and organized, how to balance results goals with activities goals, and provide you with simple changes to implement, improving prospecting, sales, & growth & exponentially improving your bottom line. MORE >

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  • Automation is for Everyone

    Jason Beutler, CEO, RoboSource

    Automation is now available to everyone – it's not just for big businesses anymore. Smaller companies can use automation-as-a-service to make it affordable. Different kinds of automation exist, everything from Zapier to desktop automations to robotic process automation to pure custom software development. Automation can improve job satisfaction (by keeping monotonous jobs out of the hands of humans), increase business efficiency, and decrease risk of losing data and knowledge with human resources. MORE >

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  • Digital Marketing Expert

    Catherine E. Rubey, Owner and Creative Director, InGe, Inc.

    I help businesses succeed online using the most effective and timely tactics to implement the best digital strategy for a business. I have clients in all areas of business: legal, contracting, interior design, retail, not-for-profit, event management and even a landscaping business. I have presentations for personal branding, social networking, digital advertising and marketing.

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  • Talent Optimization

    Brett Hodge, ACC, President, Organizational Effectiveness Consulting, Inc.

    This topic discusses the following: 1. Use of people data to maximize production and minimize people costs. 2. Hiring for success. 3. Designing high performance teams. 4. Inspiring talent through behavioral alignment. 5. Diagnosing for success.

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  • Business Trends 2016

    Mark A. Roger, Business Broker, FranNet MidAmerica | Indiana

    A practical guide to business trends important to successful entrepreneurship in 2016. Mark will identify these trends and teach how to use them to your advantage as a business owner. Highlights include: MORE >

    - identifying the state of entrepreneurship marketplace,
    - evaluating the new business fundamentals and “profit models,”
    - understanding the new strategies of business ownership,
    - exploring the teachings of Shark Tank and The Profit, and
    - discussing opportunities available for entrepreneurs in Indiana.
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