Steve Wasick

Founder & CEO, InfoSentience

Free Educational Speaker in Indianapolis

  • Data Generative AI

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Educational

    Chat GPT lacks the logical reasoning to write your reports with 100% accuracy. Where Chat GPT fails, Conceptual Automata Systems (CAS) step up to the plate. In this topic, Steve explores the difference between 'Data Generative AI' and 'Generative AI' and discusses what it means to automate millions of real-time reports using AI, and how to mitigate the challenges the come with. MORE >

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  • Data Generative AI and its Transformation of the Workforce

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Data Generative AI is unlike other forms of artificial intelligence in its unique ability to use logical operations to pull from a large database rather than knowledge library. Steve is an expert in the field and can speak on a variety of topics, including how ‘Data Generative AI’ is different from Chat GPT, real-time AI generated sports articles, how AI is changing financial reporting, success stories with Generative AI, how to build millions of custom reports per week, the process of integrating automated content into a company workflow, and any other general artificial intelligence based discussions.
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