Free Speakers Bureau Comes to Indy – Hendricks County Flyer

Hendricks County Flyer LogoA new pro bono speaker’s bureau in Indianapolis,, proves that some things in life are indeed free.

This pro bono speaker’s bureau is a new resource in Indianapolis and its suburbs for groups and organizations that need speakers. The new bureau has more 30 local speakers with more than 65 different topics available.

Groups include Chambers of Commerce, libraries, Rotary and Kiwanis groups, special interest clubs, church groups, retirement communities, women’s clubs, men’s clubs and so on.

There is no charge to any group. Not from the speaker and not from the bureau. What’s in it for the speakers? They are motivated by the opportunity to teach, hone speaking skills, make contacts, convey a message and give back to the community.

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Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2016