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  • Optimize Your Customer Journey! Rebuild Your Marketing & Sales Infrastructure For Revenue

    Troy Sandidge, Fractional CMO, Podcaster, Author, Strategy Hackers

    Are sales nonexistent? Marketing not working? Have you evaluated your customer journey through the eyes of your customer? Are you optimized to give the right value at every stage? Are your marketing and selling initiatives aligned with revenue-generating activities? Is your business stuck on awareness mode desperately needing to switch to sales, acquisition, and conversions mode? Let's break down how to stop marketing for fans and start marketing and selling to drive revenue! MORE >

    • Learn a 5-point customer journey blueprint that you can modify to fit your current situation.
    • Discover how to expand your marketing and sales tactics and effectiveness using your actual customers as advocates.
    • Debunk myths and old "best practices" many businesses still use that's costing sales and repeatable buyers.

    Best For:
    • New Entrepreneurs & Startups Looking To Improve Marketing & Sales ROI
    • Businesses With Small Or No Marketing Team Or An Army-Of-One Marketing Leader
    • New Marketing & Sales Managers for Small Businesses

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  • Avoid Business Failure By Enabling 3 Essentials In Your Marketing Strategy

    Troy Sandidge, Fractional CMO, Podcaster, Author, Strategy Hackers

    Synopsis: 65% of businesses fail because of three things - complexity, confusion, and chaos. To avoid failure, modern day success requires businesses to relinquish expired “best practices” and embrace modern marketing and sales frameworks while leveraging fundamentals to succeed. MORE >

    • The 3 Cs Causing Marketing Strategies to Fail & How to Avoid Them
    • Improve MarketingOps Using the D.A.R.T. Marketing Methodology™
    • 5-Point Customer Success Journey Blueprint for Better Conversions
    • Apply the E.A.S.T. Framework to Operate Marketing Campaigns Efficiently
    • How to Increase Sales Velocity Using the L.E.A.D.S. Generator Blueprint™

    Intentional Themes That Will Be Amplified:
    • Business Growth Strategies
    • Customer Success Journeys
    • MarCom + MarTech Integration
    • Marketing Optimization
    • Sales Velocity Tactics

    Actionable Takeaways:
    • Activate Blueprints to Increase Customer Success & Sales Velocity
    • Apply Strategies to Obtain & Maintain Clarity to Stay in Alignment with Goals
    • Clarity. Refocus. Realignment. Revitalization of Passion & Action

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  • Redemptive Entrepreneurship: Restoring the Business Landscape

    Tony Boutros, Founder, Reborn Solutions

    In this thought-provoking speech, Tony delves into the fascinating world of Redemptive Entrepreneurship, a transformative approach to business defined by Praxis Labs. He explores the three critical dimensions of this innovative concept: Strategy, Operations, and Leadership. MORE >

    Tony begins by unraveling the core of **Strategy** in Redemptive Entrepreneurship. He discusses how it goes beyond mere profit-making and seeks to create products, services, programs, and experiences that breathe new life into culture. This dimension focuses on building ventures that are not only profitable but also humanizing, truthful, beautiful, virtuous, lasting, and God-glorifying.

    Moving on to **Operations**, Tony explores the "how" of Redemptive Entrepreneurship. He elucidates how ventures operating under this paradigm cultivate culture, financial models, value chains, and partnerships. These operations are driven by a profound commitment to bless people through grace, generosity, justice, patience, and mutuality. Instead of viewing individuals as mere resources, Redemptive Operations prioritize the well-being and flourishing of all stakeholders.

    The speech culminates with a deep dive into the dimension of **Leadership** within Redemptive Entrepreneurship. Tony sheds light on the motives, worldviews, imagination, and practices that shape the decisions and actions of the leadership team. He emphasizes the importance of rewiring these elements to embrace selflessness, surrender, humility, accountability, generosity, and rest. Redemptive Leadership is not just about leading businesses; it's about leading with purpose and making a positive impact on the world.

    Don't miss this enlightening speech that explores how Redemptive Entrepreneurship is revolutionizing the business landscape by infusing it with purpose, ethics, and a commitment to restoring culture. Join Tony as he inspires you to reimagine your role as an entrepreneur and invites you to embark on a journey of meaningful business transformation.

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  • Practical Ways to Manage Different Generations, Especially Those Millennials!

    Brad Justus, Business Coach, Inspire Results Business Coaching

    A lot’s been written about millennials—they’re tough to manage, entitled, self-interested, and even lazy. Age differences can create a lot of misunderstanding not only about Millennials but for all generations. Don’t rush to judgment. Motivations differ across generations. We’ll discuss the environmental factors that occurred during each generation’s upbringing, how it shaped their values and desires, and then we’ll share dozens of practical things you can do to create a culture where Millennials thrive. MORE >

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  • How Minorities get into Leadership without Experience

    Nakela Irby, Corporate Leader and Coach

    Nakela will provide the audience with her background so there is a basic understanding of her humble beginnings and career journey, including specific examples of what helped her get into and create a successful career in leadership. Nakela lists out key action items for anyone who is looking to make an adjustment to get into leadership, followed by reasons why they should take action. By the end of this uplifting presentation, anyone that feels disadvantaged should feel inspired to take action on their goals.
    MORE >

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  • How to Succeed at Anything

    Jeff Bennington, Sales Professional, Author and Mindset Trainer, The Mindset Mission

    Successful people think differently than the average person. There are specific things they do that make the difference and through story and his own experiences, Jeff shares what it takes to become the best version of yourself. By developing a growth mindset, internal locus of control, and the 6 laws of success, anything is possible, and repeatable, over and over. In this talk, Jeff explains what it takes to replace "limiting beliefs" with unlimited potential. For more information, visit - Books and training materials available upon request. MORE >

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  • Data Generative AI and its Transformation of the Workforce

    Steve Wasick, Founder & CEO, InfoSentience

    Data Generative AI is unlike other forms of artificial intelligence in its unique ability to use logical operations to pull from a large database rather than knowledge library. Steve is an expert in the field and can speak on a variety of topics, including how ‘Data Generative AI’ is different from Chat GPT, real-time AI generated sports articles, how AI is changing financial reporting, success stories with Generative AI, how to build millions of custom reports per week, the process of integrating automated content into a company workflow, and any other general artificial intelligence based discussions.
    MORE >

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  • The Voice

    Willie Williams, CEO, Inspire The Fire Inc.

    What is the difference between an employee and a leader? One comes to do a job, the leader comes to make the job better. Today everyone wants to be a leader but unfortunately, not everyone understands the key to becoming the kind of leader that others are would like to follow. MORE >

    Many people follow leaders because they HAVE to follow them, but that creates an environment or culture of obligation, which leads to many bitter and unhappy people. However, when you lead in a way where followers WANT to be led you will have a culture of excitement, joy and see a MAJOR increase in productivity.

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  • Talent Optimization

    Brett Hodge, ACC, President, Organizational Effectiveness Consulting, Inc.

    This topic discusses the following: 1. Use of people data to maximize production and minimize people costs. 2. Hiring for success. 3. Designing high performance teams. 4. Inspiring talent through behavioral alignment. 5. Diagnosing for success.

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  • Automation is for Everyone

    Jason Beutler, CEO, RoboSource

    Automation is now available to everyone – it's not just for big businesses anymore. Smaller companies can use automation-as-a-service to make it affordable. Different kinds of automation exist, everything from Zapier to desktop automations to robotic process automation to pure custom software development. Automation can improve job satisfaction (by keeping monotonous jobs out of the hands of humans), increase business efficiency, and decrease risk of losing data and knowledge with human resources. MORE >

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